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A Minnesota Without Poverty has a vision where all Minnesotans thrive by 2020.
The vision is to provide all people with those things that protect human dignity and make for a healthy life: adequate food and shelter, meaningful work, safe communities, health care and quality education.

Join A Minnesota Without Poverty and help us turn this vision into a reality.

THE NEWS                                                                                                            

Minnesota Poverty: Call to Action


Thursday, May 1, 2014

8:00am -3:00pm

Saint Paul RiverCentre

175 West Kellogg Blvd

Saint Paul, MN 55102

2014 marks the 50th anniversary of President Johnson's State of the Union address calling on the nation to launch an "unconditional war on poverty." This address signaled a renewed national commitment to fighting

poverty through targeted policy resulting in programs like Medicare, Medicaid, Head Start, Pell Grants, expansions to Social Security and nutrition assistance. It's critical that we use this anniversary to push back on false claims and narratives, and put forward a proactive vision about how to end poverty.

Who Should Attend?

Minnesotans will gather for a one-day event to learn about the history of the War on Poverty, rededicate efforts, and commit to curre nt anti-poverty movements happening in Minnesota and across the country. Breakout sessions on disparities in poverty will be organized around race/ethnicity, age (youth and seniors), place (rural, urban, and suburban), gender and veteran status.

Planning Committee:

Minnesota Community Action Partnership, AARP, A Minnesota Without Poverty, Children's Defense Fund, Community Action Partnership of Ramsey and Washington Counties, Greater Twin Cities United Way, Hunger Solutions Minnesota, Local Initiatives Support Corporation, Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless, Minnesota Department of Human Services, Minnesota Indian Affairs Council, Open Your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless and University of Minnesota Extension

For more information:


2014 Spring Benefit Concert Featuring Cate Fierro

Monday, May 12, 2014

7:00 PM -9:00 PM

The Capri Theater

2027 West Broadway

Minneapolis, MN 55411

Tickets: $33

Click here to order tickets.

Limited space available.

Cate Fierro

has one of the strongest and freshest voices to hit the Twin Cities music scene. She is one of the lead singers in THE IRRESISTIBLES, a soul R&B Band led by legendary and award winning frontman, Mick Sterling also performing in MICK STERLING & HIS BAND.

Whether it is singing to her daughters, filled auditoriums or an intimate club setting, Cate provides a soulful vibe with a charming and inviting stage presence.

Economic Mobility: Moving Toward Enough for All

Featuring Erin Currier

Erin Currier


Monday, June 2, 2014,

10:00 AM - 2:30 PM


St. Catherine University

Rauenhorst Hall

2004 Randolph Avenue

St. Paul, MN


Erin Currier, Director of Economic Mobility at Pew Charitable Trusts will be speaking about Economic Mobility: Moving Toward Enough for All on June 2.


Did you know:

  • 43% of Americans raised at the bottom of the income ladder remain there as adults, and 70% of Americans never make it to the middle;
  • Wealth has increased for families at the top of the income ladder, but decreased for families at both the bottom and middle;
  • A variety of factors, including gender, race, education and savings influence a person's prospects of moving up the economic ladder.

Cost: $15* for lunch; Students with an I.D. are free

*A limited number of scholarships are available upon request

To register click here   

Did you know that the average cost of meeting basic needs for a family of four in Minnesota is over $58,000 annually? At a minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, a couple with two children would have to work a total of 155 hours a week just to meet their family's basic needs. That is nearly four full time jobs.

In 2009 the bipartisan Legislative Commission to End Poverty reported six broad recommendations for ending poverty in Minnesota by 2020. The first recommendation in that report was to "restore work as a way out of poverty," with a key component of that recommendation being to raise the minimum wage to $9.50.   View the report.


Minnesota's minimum is currently $6.15 an hour - one of the lowest in the nation - although most workers on the minimum wage earn the $7.25 an hour required under federal law.  In the 2013 legislative session, A Minnesota Without Poverty came up with the theme "Ketchup to the Cost of Living. Raise the minimum wage to $9.50 by 2015."


Ketchup bottles with this theme and logo were delivered to all state senators. Since then AMWP has joined the Minimum Wage Coalition to work together to advocate for raising the minimum wage to $9.50 by 2015 - and indexing it to inflation so it keeps its value in future years.


But why use a flashmob to communicate the message to raise the wage?

Caitlyn Wright, a creative intern with A Minnesota Without Poverty, suggested that a flashmob would be a fun, creative, and exciting way to do advocacy work, and promote civic engagement among young people. Friends and acquaintances with some experience working low or minimum wage jobs, particularly those with college degrees, were contacted and invited to participate.


Daonna Lewis, a talented young choreographer from the St. Paul Conservatory for Performing Arts, was engaged to create the dance steps and a teaching video was shared. College students, their professors, nonprofit groups, church staff, high school students and even some legislators learned the dance and participated.


On a brutally cold, sub-zero degree day, 50 dancers and 50 more engaged spectators in the Capitol rotunda danced and laughed their support for raising the wage.


SO, NOW-join the dance. Send your state senator a quick message and encourage them to support a minimum wage increase to $9.50 and index it to inflation.  Let's begin to Ketchup to the Cost of Living and Keep Up!


To find your state senator, search "Who Represents Me?" and fill in your zip code.


Flashmob Takes Over the Minnesota Capitol  


By Jim Jordal

Minimum wages are again in the news---and should be, since they’ve been slipping in value since the 1970’s. You’ve no doubt seen the figures: Minnesota’s minimum wage of $6.15 per hour is among the lowest in the nation. The federal minimum wage is $7.25. Multiply these wages by perhaps 2000 hours of work per year and you get an annual wage income of $12,300 per worker under Minnesota law and $14,500 under federal standards. Neither one even comes close to meeting basic standards of decency. Perhaps that’s why author and social critic Barbara Ehrenreich said of the notorious penury and inadequacy of minimum wage jobs that "if you want to live indoors, you’ll need two of them."

Why does the idea of a living wage raise such anxiety among proponents of free markets and rising business profitability? Why does it carry such ridiculous appendages as socialism or collectivization? And why is it opposed tooth and nail by Big Business with the sometime claim that minimum wage legislation threatens the Republic?

It’s largely because of inflation, or rather the irrational terror of it that pervades world financial markets.

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Rotating Quotes
15% of the children 18 and under are experiencing poverty in Minnesota.
We can not allow people living in poverty any longer; it is not morally acceptable and it only tells us that we have not been taking our social responsibilities seriously.
Ramon Leon, Latino Economic Development Center
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