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A Minnesota Without Poverty is a statewide movement to end poverty in Minnesota by 2020. This movement began in 2001 and evolved into an ecumenical and interfaith initiative to end poverty. In 2004, religious leaders from across the state signed A Common Foundation: Shared Principles for Work on Overcoming Poverty. This document was used in the bill, in 2006, to create the Legislative Commission to End Poverty in Minnesota by 2020.
In 2009, A Minnesota Without Poverty hosted the public launching of the recommendations of the Legislative Commission to End Poverty, and since then has been committed to serve as a catalyst for the implementation of these recommendations. Recently, A Minnesota Without Poverty helped to pass the Ladder Out of Poverty bill, as well as joined forces with the Half In Ten Campaign – a national effort to cut poverty in half in ten years. 

In 2010, A Minnesota Without Poverty became a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  
A Minnesota Without Poverty seeks to engage all sectors of society – faith communities, government, business, people experiencing poverty, education, communities of color, non-profits, and foundations. Everyone can play a role in ending poverty in our state and beyond, as it affects us all, no matter what walk of life we come from or what our economic situation may be.
Statement of Inclusion

A Minnesota Without Poverty invites all to participate in the movement to end poverty in Minnesota by 2020. Therefore the movement is open to anyone—regardless of age, race, ethnicity, citizenship, religion, sexual orientation, or gender.

Ending poverty is possible. All we need to end poverty is already at hand. 


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15% of the children 18 and under are experiencing poverty in Minnesota.
Ending poverty demands direct service to alleviate the consequences of poverty and advocacy focused on the systemic structures that result in people living in poverty.
Virginia Webb, Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet
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